Saturday, January 21, 2012

New at Ferry Creek Vintage: Our Vintage Scarf Section

Ferry Creek Vintage has brought back more Vintage Scarves and now we are featuring them in their own section. Click here to view our scarves.

These beautiful scarves are a great vintage find! They are all from an Estate Sale in N.W. Georgia. They had only one owner, a nice woman who took excellent care of it since she purchased it in the 1970's.

Caring for your Vintage Scarves is very simple. Hand wash in cool water with gentle soap and line dry. This will allow you to enjoy them for years to come.

Some features from these scarves: Made in Japan, Made in Italy, Sarah Coventry, Morgly, 1970's, Excellent Vintage Condition.

Enjoy our newest section. Have a Vintage Day!

Monday, January 2, 2012


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Happy New Year! Ferry Creek Vintage Romance Writing Competition & Free Gift Offer

Start your New Year "Write" with a Mini Ferry Creek Vintage Journal with purchase and a  Ferry Creek Vintage Mini Romance Story Competition. 

Create a short one sentence romance line and one lucky winner will have it featured with one of Ferry Creek Vintage's new Vintage listings and get a $20 off coupon for anything in our shop along with a free mini journal!

Don't know where to start, here are some examples of some of our most popular Ferry Creek Vintage Mini Romance Stories:

"The sand whipped around in the desert air. Her hair looked wild and beautiful and he couldn’t stop looking at her. He squinted at the bright sun as he smiled then walked over to her."
~Wild Romance~by Ferry Creek Vintage
"It was her wedding day and she was finally ready. The finishing touch was her Monet earrings. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled with happiness.She turned to look at her mother and sisters. All they could do was smile through their tears of joy."
~Wedding Day Romance~ by Ferry Creek Vintage

"Her earrings sparkled in the moonlight and the wind played with her hair. She heard his footsteps and turned around. He stood there holding a small white box with a red bow and smiling that smile that melted her heart." ~Forever Romance~ by Ferry Creek Vintage

So go ahead, start writing and see where it takes you...

Tips: Picture a romantic movie or book and think of our Vintage Jewelry...then let your imagination take you away. Please remember to keep it G rated. :)

Submit your contest entries at

Good Luck! Contest deadline is January 31,2012. Winners will be announced on this blog.

Contest Rules and Specifications: No purchase necessary to enter the writing contest. Purchase is necessary to receive mini journal except for the one winner, who will receive a free mini journal and a $20 coupon good for any item or items  from the Ferry Creek Vintage website.
By participating in the contest, participant agrees to let Ferry Creek Vintage use his or her name in online blog, website, and social media. By participating in this contest, participants are allowing Ferry Creek Vintage to post their writing on the Ferry Creek Vintage blog and any other social media.
Want us to show your photo, just submit a small pic file JPEG is fine to our email and we'll let the world know. By submitting writing to Ferry Creek Vintage for this contest, winner is allowing Ferry Creek Vintage to use the writing for promotional and sales marketing indefinitely.  Good Luck! Contest deadline is January 31,2012. Winners will be announced on this blog.