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We've expanded Ferry Creek Vintage to include some Non Vintage Jewelry designed with Vintage Inspiration. Our new listings below feature new and vintage items.
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ANTIQUE Skeleton KEY EARRINGS - Matte Gold Tone Earrings - Pearl and Gold Earrings - Faux Pearl and Gold Tone - By FerryCreekVintageAntique Silver Tone Pendant w/ Amethyst Colored Purple Crystals - Flower Pendant - Nature Pendant - Starburst Design  - By FerryCreekVintageCrystal Blue Teardrop Pendant - Deep Blue Crystal -Teardrop Pear shape - (2 inches ) - Checkerboard Cut Glass Stone -Lovely VINTAGE RICHELIEU Signed BRACELET - Vintage Richelieu Faux Pearl Bracelet & Gold Tone - Richelieu Pearls - Gold Tone Seashell ClaspsBLACK NECKLACE - Black Beaded Necklace - Abstract Elephant -  Glass Beads - 30 inch necklace  - By FerryCreekVintage
New Design with VINTAGE SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS Black Beaded Earrings - Gold Tone and Black Swarovski Beaded Earrings  - By FerryCreekVintageGold Tone Necklace with Vintage Beads - Champane Colored  Checkerboard Cut Vintage Beads -    By Ferry Creek VintageVINTAGE GLASS RING -Hand blown glass - Blue Glass Ring - Blue Gold Ring - By Ferry Creek VintageCAMEO NECKLACE - Cameo Pendant - Gray and White Cameo  - Traditonal - Victorian  - Cameo Necklace   - By FerryCreekVintage

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