Saturday, September 21, 2013

NEW ETSY TUTORIAL Seller Post Sale -- What to Do When You Have Your First Few Etsy Sales- Step by Step Tutorial e-Book pdf 25 pages

"I am also an experienced educator and I have used my experience as and educator combined with my Etsy selling experience to create this easy to follow tutorial. It's full of useful information that I have discovered over the years." Isabelle Debrosse Hardesty, author



I remember having my first few Etsy sales and it was a love/hate relationship. I loved that I had the sale, but I hated the chaos and confusion that came with it.

As a seller, there is a lot of information out there on how to photograph, list your item on Etsy and other aspects, but I found AFTER THE SALE is rarely covered.

I finally had to create a plan, T.I.P.S. It helped me feel stress free and in charge. Now, when I have a sale, I fully enjoy it, knowing I am prepared.

When my sister was opening up her Etsy shop I wanted to help smooth the road for her, so I wrote a tutorial to help her have a stress free Etsy selling experience. As I was writing, I realized I should share my tutorial with other Etsy sellers, and I did!

Using my unique T.I.P.S. method, you too will be able to have an organized and easy to follow system after you get as sale.


This e-book explains what to do next after your first Etsy sale or after your first few Etsy sales as a new shop owner.

So, relax and know that you are not alone. I will help you on the road to being a confidant Etsy seller regarding these confusing areas.



-----> You will learn about the different options of printing receipts and which receipt option has a potentially embarrassing feature.

-----> You will learn how to create a Packaging /Shipping box full of the needed tools for a sharp look that simplifies packaging and shipping your new customer's order.

-----> You will see as sample of one of my jewelry cards that I use for my vintage jewelry and other important features of creating a professional looking package that is ready for shipment.

-----> You will learn about the different payment methods and how to transfer your PayPal funds into you account.

-----> You will learn many other important features that will get your Etsy shop streamlined and ready for sales!



How do I package? What are the different "Receipt Printing Options"? What is "Your Private Notes"? How do I get my money from Etsy if I used Direct Checkout? How do I get my money if I used PayPal? What is a postal scale and do I need one? What do I need to speed up my packaging process? What happens if my customer purchased a gift and forgot to give my the gift recipient's address?

There are SO MANY questions that pop up AFTER a sale and I will help you answer them. I had all of these questions and more!

This e-book was written in June of 2013 and is about the current Etsy format for sellers, not about the old 2009 layout.

This e-book is a quick read created in an easy to read format with several cute images that help illustrate key points.



✿ " This is a well-written tutorial that is very useful if you are a new seller and have the good sense to make use of someone else's experience! This is certainly worth the small cost! Buy it!" ~ C. Phoenix, AZ

✿ "Fast shipping, beautiful wrapping, brooch even more exquisite than imagined, love it! Great shopping experience, would buy again!"
~ H. Amsterdam, Netherlands

✿ "Wow, this is SOME NECKLACE!!! I can only hope to do it justice! Thanks so very much! Great seller everyone!!"
~ L. British Columbia, Canada

✿ "These earrings are so classy and stunning!"
~ A. New York, NY

✿ "Gorgeous item, as described only prettier in person! fantastic seller, thank you!"
~ L. Victoria, Australia

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This 25 page e-book is in a pdf format works well in Adobe Reader. Go to the menu at the top of your Adobe page once you open the file and click VIEW then either select READ MODE or FULL SCREEN MODE.

I've included a worksheet to help you plan your shipping and packaging for future sales.

COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. Please know I've worked hard on this book and allow your friends and family to purchase this. It's priced for easy shopping . Thank you very much.


This book is a Ferry Creek Vintage e-book and is not an official Etsy book
This book was written June 2013 and has information on Etsy's NEWEST features.

THIS BOOK IS WRITTEN IN ENGLISH. This listing is translated in various languages, however the book's language is English. Thank you.