Sunday, July 14, 2013

How Sharknado became the Summer Blockbuster that Everyone Was Waiting for by Ferry Creek Vintage

As I turned off the T.V. after watching Sharknado, a SyFy Original Movie, I wished for the sequel, Sharknado 2 or maybe Sharkferno, or Sharkquake,  or Sharkacaine, or maybe even, Sharknami.
But, no. I have to wait for the sequel...
Sharknado, a recent SyFy Original Movie was made with a  small budget, yet it delivered. My husband and I watched as a shark was cut in half with a chain saw, an old man attacked a shark with his coveted bar stool and a tornado was thwarted by a simple fire extinguisher that was ignited. 

It reminded me of watching movies as a child with my brothers and sisters. I had no pre-conceived notion of gravity, the science of explosions, or how a shark can survive outside of water for hours.

Sharknado was an enchanting and fun movie that I would watch again.

It's already scheduled to play once more on Thursday night, July 18th. It is reported to have drawn more tweets than the infamous Game of Thrones Wedding Episode.

With all of the serious news that's around us, I appreciate that the whole crew and cast took the time to create this movie, a movie that became an instant hit. It's making the Summer of '13 a bit more fun.

If you find yourself in a Sharknado situation remember you need to carry one of these items to survive:
  • red bar stool
  • fire extinguisher
  • chain saw 
  • and, oh, yeah, a shot gun